Communities Look for Healing After 2 Cops Shot in 2 Weeks

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NORTH TEXAS — The North Texas community continues to rally around Officer Matt Pearce, who remains in critical condition after being shot on Tuesday.

As of Thursday, over $50,000 has been raised for Pearce’s family on GoFundMe.

And Fort Worth PD is feeling the support from fellow departments, including Euless, where they share the unfortunate bond of seeing a brother shot in action.

“Fort Worth was huge in helping us  through our incident, and we have a great relationship with their peer support coordinator as well,” said Courtney Janes, a crime victim coordinator with Euless PD.

Yeah, no one understands what Fort Worth PD is going through, quite like the folks in Euless. And while the memorials for Officer Hofer have passed and the flags may have risen from half-staff, the healing process is just beginning.

For these grieving officers, Euless has a team in place to help them emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

“Often times when we’re having these thoughts and these emotions that we’re not used to having, we feel like we’re going crazy and so our biggest goal is to help people understand that everybody here is suffering, everybody here is grieving,” said Janes.

“We’re not here as their counselors, we’re here as peers and we’re actually honored that we can fulfill that role for them and that we can work with them and kind of figure out. What is it we can do together to help everybody come together and get through this?” said Ken Bennett, a mental health coordinator with Euless PD.

“I think everybody may kind of reevaluate the spiritual aspect of their life as well when things like this happen,” said Mark Massey, the chaplain for the department. “My goal is just to reach and provide them any type of support that I can.”

Two communities, facing two tragedies just two weeks apart, but both of them rallying behind the men and women in blue and standing stronger than ever before.

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