Israel-Gaza Conflict: SMU Hosts Protest for Peace

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The conflict in Israel and the Gaza continues to blow up. and the reaction has been… lets just say pretty passionate

But Saturday there was something a little different: A protest for peace at SMU.

“Seeing all of the protests that were going on, around the world and it seemed like they really just took a turn towards hate,” says organizer Amber Jackson. “What we really wanted to do was just bring a peaceful rally together where people could unite from both the Israeli and Palestinian side.”

That message isn’t exactly ringing out in Gaza though. The latest cease fire, planned for three days, lasted only 90 minutes. With both sides blaming each other of course. Now it looks a truce won’t happen anytime soon.

The intentions may have been noble, but the peace rally didn’t draw numbers like the one-sided rallies have.

“To get angry and to cast blame, those are all things that come easy to human beings,” says Hadi Jawad of the Dallas Peace Center.

‘Hating one another is not the answer, loving one another is and it takes a special kind of person to see that,” says Jackson.

As the dominant images of the conflict show destruction, anguish, and anger,often fueled by religion. It’s kinda refreshing to hear something like this no matter how big the crowd.

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