Collin County Sheriff Puts ‘In God We Trust’ Decals on Patrol Cars

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COLLIN COUNTY -- Tis the season you hear a lot of talk about God. Collin County's Sheriff Terry Box is celebrating his God by putting America's motto. "In God We Trust," on all the Sheriff Department's vehicles.

It's something several fire, police and sheriff's agencies in Texas have already done.

"The sheriff decided to do the same thing," Captain Jim Moody, Public Information Officer for Collin County Sheriff's Department, said. "He is just reaffirming his beliefs and his values. It's a deeply seated belief system that goes all the way back to our founding fathers. So, he is affirming his beliefs in Judeo-Christian values."

And they didn't have to use taxpayer money. Waddill Street Baptist Church stepped up.

"We hear from time to time the needs of the community," Pastor Joe Patton said. "One of the sheriffs said something about it, and I said, 'Let us pay for that.' Our church just took it out of our budget. Talked to some of our leaders and our leaders said yeah, 100%. Shared it with the congregation and everyone applauded.  Love it."

"We've also had adversarial or opposing views as well," Moody said.

It's no shock that others disagree, especially those who have a strong belief in the separation of church and state -- a saying used by our founding father Thomas Jefferson.

The Freedom of Religion Foundation has challenged using the motto on government vehicles, but so far, none have been taken off.

And don't expect it to happen anytime soon in Texas. Attorney General Ken Paxton has released an opinion supporting the phrase, "It's just good for the community. It's our country motto. It's patriotism. It's who we are as a nation, most anyway."

We've had an overwhelming amount of people that are very positive 'In God We Trust' being on the cars," Moody said.

Oh, if only our founding fathers were still around to clear this up.

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