Cold snap causing problems around country, leaving some stranded in Dallas

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DALLAS — If you usually start a conversation off talking about the weather, oh boy! You have a lot of material.

A cold snap has made some places more frigid than Mars.

Sharks are literally freezing to death.

Public schools in a few states have totally shut down.

At the Dallas-Fort Worth airport sits a patient, but stranded young woman.

“Just sort of expecting to stay here for a few days,” Madelanine Muller-Hughus said.

She just flew in from Australia, stepping foot in the United States for the first time.

“I am supposed to be going to college on Monday in North Carolina, but my flight from Dallas got canceled.”

The soon-to-be college freshman is hoping to arrive on campus late the night before her 8am class. She says “the weather was too risky to fly, and it would take a couple days to get better.”

“I have to spend tonight here,” says a man from South Carolina. He was on his back back from North Korea, and just wants to sleep in his own bed.

Maybe the most relatable thing we`ve heard all day.

However, the award for the worst situation might go to people in Florida.

Broward County has declared a emergency cold weather advisory, because it’s going to be in the mid 40’s.
Go home Florida, you`re drunk.

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