Coffee Code: Starbucks Bans Wedding Rings, Nail Polish In New Dress Code

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SEATTLE, WA – Starbucks is getting a lot of attention, and it’s not because of the pumpkin spice lattes.

Thursday, the corporation implemented a steaming hot dress code for its employees – including no wedding rings? Well, there’s no ban on bands, but baristas can no longer rock their rock all in the name of food safety.

Hey, when is the last time you found a diamond in your ice coffee?

The rest of the rules say no watches, bracelets or wristbands – only simple necklaces tucked under clothes.

And here’s where things get interesting. Employees are allowed to have facial piercings, like nose rings. And tattoos are cool with corporate, but not on the neck or face.

“I was super excited when it changed,” Starbucks Barista Kelly Preston said. “I mean I known executives, CEOs, presidents of their company that have sleeves, full sleeves of tattoos.”

However, when it comes to color, well, kiss that goodbye. No purple, pink, blue or green hair. And no nail polish. Period.

So do customers care what their barista is wearing?

“No I don’t. Long as their clean and doing what they’re supposed to do,” Kimberly Patman said.

“I’m generally against all dress codes,” Scott laughed.

Welp, the next time you go to Starbucks for you caffeine fix, better be prepared for a Venti cup or bland and boring.

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