Cocoa Carbs: Study Says Chocolate Aids Weight Loss

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Yeah, we`ll admit it:  There are tons of weight loss pills and potions out there promising to give you a slim figure just in time for bikini season.

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But word from a group of German researchers: Your secret ingredient just may be the sweet surprise hidden inside those plastic Easter eggs!


You know, Cocoa. Suklaa. Schokolade.

That good ol` sweet brown stuff has translated into a new diet craze.

The study followed one group, ages 19 to 67, who went on a low carb diet and ate 42 grams of dark chocolate each day!

In result, the chocolate-eating group lost 10% more weight than the group that only stuck to their low carb diet.

choco graph

Also, the peeps who got their daily helping of cocoa were not only able to drop the pounds, but they also reported a better sleep pattern and overall well-being.

So, when the Easter Bunny delivers those choco-covered ears, don`t be ashamed. There`s a good reason why you should be in love with the cocoa!

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