Closing Comments: How to Explain ‘Blue Balls’ to Your Kids

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Kids say the darndest things! And teenagers are worse. Spring Break found my wife and two teen daughters in the car going somewhere when this debate came up. My oldest was trying to convince the other women in the care that -- and I have to speak in code -- that men have to handle their weapon from time-to-time to prevent jamming and parts of their bodies from turning blue.

Get my drift, y'all?

Thankfully, my wife stepped right in to take control of the situation to say, "Ask your father!"

Uh, thanks.

I came up with this answer -- "Well, you occasionally have to service your gun. But if not, there shouldn't be any malfunction and rumors of any color change to your parts is a... fallacy."

And dropped it!

Did I do ok? Shouldn't we answer these kinds of questions for our kids so they're not gullible enough to fall for a line from some guy, or anyone for that matter?

How would you have answered? You know me well enough to know I've never at a loss for words, but that was as close as I get to "cat got my tongue!"

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