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Clock Celeb: Amazing Things Happening for Ahmed Since Arrest

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Ahmed Mohamed arrested at MacArthur High School
Ahmed Mohamed arrested at MacArthur High School

IRVING, TX — It’s been quite a week for 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed of Irving. On Monday, the ninth-grader took a homemade digital clock to school. One of his teachers thought it looked like a bomb. Despite being told it was just a clock, MacArthur High School officials called the cops.

“So, I guess everybody knows, I’m the person who built a clock and got in a lot of trouble for it,” Ahmed said during a press conference Wednesday.

Irving PD says they never thought the device was actually a bomb but arrested and questioned Ahmed anyway to make sure it wasn’t a hoax bomb.

In the end, no charges will be filed.

But folks online are asking — Would the cops have been called if Ahmed wasn’t Muslim? Hey, didn’t we all build some battery-powered science project with wires?

So, what’s next for Ahmed? Well, he’s allowed to go back to MacArthur Friday, but he says that’s not happening.

“We’re not going back to MacArthur, we’re sure about that,” Ahmed said. “I’m disappointed in the way the teachers treated me.”

He’s got plenty of options. He’s an overnight celebrity on social media with invitations to visit Google Twitter and Facebook. President Obama has even asked Ahmed to bring his clock to the White House. But he can’t do that right now because the clock is still in police custody.

And schools like MIT and Harvard are asking the whiz kid to come check them out. Folks on Twitter are even already putting together a scholarship fund.

Looks like it’s a safe bet Ahmed will bounce back just fine once the clock runs out of its 15 minutes of fame.

Maybe Flavor Flav said it best with this tweet, “#iStandWithAhmed — Stop Clock Blocking!”

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