Classic video games making a comeback, Nintendo announces SNES

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Video games have come a long way since the days of Pong. Game Tech has launched a new breed of games and gamers, but for many, the next console to get will be a throwback. Nintendo has announced the Super Nintendo Classic which will be hitting stores in September.

“I’m thrilled!” said John Hardie with The National Videogame Museum. “We kind of knew it was coming after the success of the NES classic. I think Nintendo is smart in what they do. They create that demand.”

Nintendo certainly knows how to get folks hyped for old school games.

The NES classic was a must have for many gamers. But is it more than just nostalgia that leads some gamers to go back and plug into an old game?

“Beyond nostalgia, those games were a little simpler. I think for me it’s because it’s a matter of time. You work, you have family and everything. I need to jump in and get a quick game that’s 15 minutes of ‘Galaga’ or ‘Space Invaders’ or something. I think that’s what appeals to a lot of people, especially an older crowd,’ Hardie said

Folks with the National Video Game Museum say people who grew up in the golden age of gaming are now adults, so investing time in a complex story and the latest and greatest graphics may just take too much effort.

But people at the National Video Game Museum hope old school games will always have a place in the future, and it will never be “GAME OVER.”

“The past will always have a place in the future,” Hardie said. “Unfortunately as generation after generation passes will two generations from now care about ‘Pong’? If they are researching it and doing history on it, absolutely. But will they enjoy the simplicity of it? I don’t really know.”

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