Class Act: Woodrow Wilson Senior Talks About His Punt Return Going Viral

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DALLAS — He made his headlines by what he did on the football field, but it’s the whole person he is off of it that makes Justin Cain our Class Act of the Week.

Justin is a senior at Woodrow Wilson, and his unbelievable punt return in the first week of high school football caught national attention from USA Today and ESPN.

“When I got into the end zone I was hyped, I was excited,” Justin recounted. “I didn’t really think about like what I did, I was just thinking we’re back in this. They were beating us 7-0. It just felt good to give my team the little push we needed to eventually blow them out.”

Away from the game, Justin has a passion for engineering.

“As I went through the course and I really dove into the class I realized that I really liked engineering and finding problems and finding ways to solve them,” said Justin.

That problem-solving mentality, and the ability to never give up, highlighted by his viral touchdown, is a core part of what makes Justin the person he is today.

“Initially I fumbled and people from the start were probably like, ‘aw well that play’s over’, but other people that kept an open mind and didn’t give up like me,” Justin said. “I didn’t give up on the play, scooping it and scoring it, I made what looked like a really bad play into a pretty good play. It got us on the board… and how you are in different environments and how you adjust to things and if you do it in a [good] way I think you’re able to be a Class Act.”

Know of a Class Act at your school? Let us know about them!

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