Class Act: Woodrow Wilson junior teaches elementary school kids to code

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DENTON, TX — Designing the future is a big deal, but passing that knowledge on to the next generation is even bigger and it’s what makes Helena Ingram our Class Act of the Week.

Helena is a junior at Woodrow Wilson High, but she spends her early mornings out at Mount Auburn Elementary, teaching the kids coding.

“Usually what we do is we sit with our computer with a group of the students who are building the same app and we help them step by step understand it,” said Helena. “And then if a kid finishes early, they go around and help their friends so they can learn it again and help their friend.”

And Helena is the right person to be learning from.

“I’ve been coding for three or four years, I really love it,” she said. “I built a website called that helps high school students find community service hours and match up with elementary schools that need extra help, and so that’s how this program here at Mount Auburn kind of start.”

It’s not just the one website. She’s designed a number of different sites that cover everything from coding classes to e-commerce.

“My first startup was when I was 14,” said Helena. “I built a company, an e-commerce store, I filed a provisional patent on it and ended up shipping it to six different countries, which was pretty cool. And then I invested in the stock market for awhile and then I have a few more e-commerce stores that I’m currently building.”

But her biggest passion is passing on that knowledge to the kids under her.

“Probably seeing the student’s face when they get the subject is really fun,” Helena said. “They have a big “oh” moment and it’s really cute and it’s cool to see them understand it.”

And now those kids will have the same web opportunities that Helena has, all thanks to her.

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