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DALLAS — It takes a team to accomplish something really big and that’s why this week’s Class Act is a whole squad of tech geniuses.

The robotics team at Science and Engineering Magnet at the Townview Magnet Center has taken their show on the road–literally!

“This vehicle that I’m standing in front of is the Mobile Tech XPerience,” said Tycho Virani. “It is an RV that we refurbished. I worked on it with a lot of other people and the robotics team at my school.”

Now the Mobile Tech XPerience takes STEM education out to school’s that may not have the means to give their students a great program.

“We mostly go to disadvantaged areas, sort of poorer regions of Dallas for the most part,” said senior Max Virani. “Once they’re there we teach robotics as well as 3D modeling and printing.”

The remodeled RV comes complete with 60 laptops, presentation screens, and 3D printers. For the students who helped create the Mobile Tech Experience and man it on the road, it gives them the chance to elevate and be the teachers.

“When we park people are already at the door. We need to set up and the once we do it’s just hectic,” said Caitlin Rogers, also a senior. “We try to make sure only fifteen kids at a time come in at a time so we can actually make sure that they’re learning. That we can help each one of them and it just gets really crowded and really hectic really fast, but that’s part of why I love it.”

Well, thanks to their invention, STEM education can now be at any student’s fingertips. Looks like these students have already become the masters!

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