Class Act: Student is out to save Bachman Lake

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DALLAS — Henry Roseman is taking the lead on what might be one of the biggest environmental problems in the city, and it makes him our Class Act of the Week.

Henry is a senior at the School for the Gifted and Talented in Dallas, and a member of the Dallas Rowing Club. It’s out at Bachman Lake, where he rows, that he found a major problem developing.

“The silt and sedimentation that naturally occurs in lakes, coupled with the historic rainfall of May 2015, we’ve actually developed an island right here,” Henry motioned to the lake. “What looks like just a couple of sticks that’s actually the top of the bottom. So, you are looking at the bottom of the lake.”

Yeah, the buildup has it to where the water can be just inches deep in the very middle of the lake, which can pose a major danger for a popular local water source.

“If you’re floating out in the middle of the lake on your air mattress and it pops on the island and you don’t know how to swim, you’ve got a real problem,” Henry said.

But the problem isn’t just in the water, it’s also in the air!

Bachman Lake is right next to Love Field’s runways, and with the invisible island forming a great flocking spot for birds, Henry has found a disturbing trend: an over 50% increase in bird strikes at Love Field in the year after the island formed.

It’s already had an economic impact, too, with the silt island forcing the cancellation of an annual boating tournament on the lake.

“So what I’m working on is, I’m trying to convince the city that this is really a problem that they need to fix,” said Henry. “It’s really expensive to dredge, could be as much as a couple million dollars, so I’m trying to find creative ways of funding this problem.”

So how can the rest of us help out this Class Act’s mission?

“Any trash that ends up on the streets will wash into Bachman, so first off pick up your trash,” Henry advised. “In addition, if you’re concerned about this, call your city council member. Let them know that it’s not just me out here worried about this problem.”

Because the stakes couldn’t be higher.

“Either I’ll make headway and it will be solved,” said Henry. “Or there will be no more Bachman Lake Park. Just Bachman Park.”

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