Class Act: Student invents new tool for electricians

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IRVING, TX — Invention takes a spark of creativity, and Clifton Jackson knows all about that, making him our Class Act of the Week!

Clifton is a senior at Cardwell Career Preparatory Center, with a knack for electrical engineering, one that he’s already putting to work.

“I’m already an electrician, and I work at DFW airport for Real Network Services,” Clifton said. “I kind of know a lot about electricity and how it works and what to do to fix it in any case of emergencies.”

His real world experience inspired him to invent a new electrician’s tool.

“Originally, I came up with this tool because at the airport, there’s certain guidelines that you have to follow, such as being on top of a ladder you’ve got to have three points of contact and having to reach out in your tool bag and grab multiple tools, you could potentially reach for two and then you end up getting in trouble… let alone put their life in danger,” Clifton explained. “So I was thinking, ‘Why don’t I combine three of the main components that we use as an electrician?'”

Well, his design caught the eyes of the judges at the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. His three in one tool, named the CWC Pliers, was named one of three finalists out of thousands of designs in the contest. That netted him not only exposure for his invention, but a $5,000 prize that he’s using to secure the patent for the pliers.

“I plan on getting quite a few made so I can get them sold,” he said.

After high school, he plans on joining the Air Force to follow his passions of electrical engineering and aviation. With a career well on its way and a new product under his belt that you may see in stores soon, nothing this electrician does in the future will shock us.

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