Class Act: Special Needs Class Takes on World of Robotics

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DALLAS — There’s a special class at Sunset High School with some special kids… and their passion is Robotics. That whole crew is our “Class Act of the Week,” brought to you by Time Warner Cable!

The RoboFlash Team is the brainchild of Sunset senior Ivonne Torres. As a member of the school’s “8811” Robotics Team, she saw robots as a way to give these student’s futures a boost.

“What I saw is that a lot of these special needs students, they really don’t have a future after high school,” Ivonne explained to NewsFix. “We’re trying to get companies to hire them so if they’re in science, math, robotics that’s more appealing to companies.”

“When Ivonne first approached me with it, I had that feeling in the back of my neck when you know you’ve heard a good idea and I think its a phenomenally great idea,” said Fried Elliott, the school’s Physics teacher.

And for Pauline Tatum, the team gives her a chance to challenge her students, “I push them out of their comfort zone because society has put a stereotype that they can’t, so I’m saying that they can.”

And the confidence boost that these kids get is invaluable, but it also creates a connection between them and their peers at Sunset High.

“I think the most beautiful part about this is that we might be different on the outside but when we’re together we talk to each other like equal peers,” said Ivonne.

Being in the classroom, it doesn’t take long to see these kid’s passion for robotics.

“My name’s Antonio, and I love robotics, and we rock up in this school boy,” one of the students proudly exclaimed.

“The first time I was building robots I don’t know how to build robots the first time,” said Cesar, one of the students. “And now, I’m starting to get better and better at making robots already.”

Well keep on designing, building and breaking through life’s expectations!

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