Class Act: South Oak Cliff Senior Signs Full Ride Football Scholarship

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DALLAS — Landing a full ride scholarship isn’t free, it takes everything you’ve got. That’s what makes David Johnson our Class Act of the Week, brought to you by Time Warner Cable.

David is a senior at South Oak Cliff High, and the starting quarterback on the football team, but he doesn’t let that on-field success go to his head.

“I’m just a regular student and a guy chasing a dream. I’ve got a great family, I’ve got my goals set, and I’ve got my head on straight. Nothing major about me.”

Well, he says there’s nothing major about him, but this gridiron standout just signed a full-ride scholarship to play football at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio!

“It was a great experience, it was a blessing beyond imagining,” said David. “Growing up, people said I wouldn’t be able to do it. People told me I should play basketball, I shouldn’t play football. I really wasn’t good at football. I didn’t really become good at football until my eighth grade year.”

Well, that persistence paid off, and his leadership on and off the field is inspiring to everyone around him.

“Listening to him talk and listening to him articulate and lead has been a blessing to my soul, it’s been a blessing to me,” his father, Maxie Johnson said.

And David has some words of wisdom to those kids just now getting to high school.

“Work with a purpose and watch what you do in life because it can fall back on you. Think about how it can hurt someone, how can it hurt yourself. The Bible says you will reap what you sow. and that’s a true fact.”

Well, if you reap what you sow, looks like David has been planting some good seeds!

Know of a Class Act at your school? Let us know about them!

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