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DeSOTO, TX — When life’s bumps in the road try to throw you off course, it takes a true Class Act like Kemonte Yow to stay resilient.

Kemonte is a senior at Desoto High and a captain on the football team, but this year, a devastating injury has kept him sidelined during his last high school season.

“We were in practice one day, and I was winning the rep and the the quarterback had rolled out so I planted my foot and I spinned and one part of my leg stayed in the ground and the other one just twisted,” Kemonte recounted. “So I ended up tearing my meniscus.”

Unable to make plays on the field, Kemonte renewed his determination to be a leader on the sideline.

“After I got passed the initial shock, I figured I am the team captain so I have to play my role even though I am on the sideline and help lead my brothers to be the best we could be,” said Kemonte.

That natural drive to leadership helped him make a big decision when he received an offer to play football at West Point.

“I was happy, but then I started thinking about, ‘Okay, this is five years of my life I’m going to have to give back afterwards,’” Kemonte explained. “I really sat down and I prayed about it and I started thinking about it and I realized, I go through this program and I’m going to be set for life mentally. I’m going to be disciplined, I’m going to learn all the virtues I need to be just a good person period.”

As for right now, well, he’s still trying to prove his strength, striving to make it back on the field for his team in time for the playoffs.

“If I can get back in the playoffs in the last game then I’m going to try to give my all to make sure they know that I left myself on that field for them,” he promised.

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