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DALLAS — Sometimes the challenges life gives us seem too big to ever beat, but our Class Act of the Week, Darrion Green is proof that with constant work and dedication, anything is possible.

Darrion is a senior at Woodrow Wilson and a member of the school’s track and football teams. He excels out on the field, but it’s what he overcomes that makes his play so spectacular. Darrion is deaf, and that means a whole brand of challenges most players will never face. So instead of hearing a snap count, he just keeps his eyes on the ball.

“I watch the ball move when it snaps, and they call the plays with sign language,” Darrion explained.

And Darrion has been a teacher to his teammates to make sure they’re all on the same page.

“I teach them sign language and we communicate across the field,” said Darrion. “I teach like ‘A, B, C’, basic sign language, easy for them to communicate, not that hard for them.”

Well, his hard work making his place on the team has paid off. Last week he signed his letter of intent to play football up at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, a private university for the deaf.

“I feel good,” Darrion said. “I’m blessed to go to Gallaudet University.”

It just goes to show that no obstacle is too big to keep a person down and even if he might not be able to hear them, Darrion will keep making the plays that have the crowds cheering for a long time to come.

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