Class Act: Carter Junior leads his team in scoring, class in GPA

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DALLAS — On and off the court, Dylan Arnette only settles for one spot: #1. That’s what makes him our Class Act of the Week.

Dylan is a junior at Carter High, and the leading scorer on the school’s basketball team; a status he achieves through constant hard work.

“You really have to try hard and you can’t make excuses,” said Dylan. “If you’re not getting better it’s really because of yourself, because you’re not working, so I really just try to work hard and be the best I can be.”

Basketball has been a lifelong passion for Dylan, and his hoop dreams come from his dad.

“My father, he’s tremendous,” Dylan said. “He’s a doctor and he liked playing basketball coming up but when that didn’t come into play he went to medical school and became a doctor. He’s an oncologist. And he really likes basketball a lot so he always helps me out. He’s really my main figure.”

And it’s not just basketball he gets from his dad. When we goes to college he wants to study pre-med, and he’s winning in education too!
Yeah, while he leads the Carter Cowboys on a playoff run, Dylan is also the number one student in his class.

“It gets tough sometimes, but… as soon as I get home from practice I always do my homework, and put homework before everything else.”

That work ethic, whether he’s got a ball or book in his hands, is what he hopes others see when they look at him.

“I would tell them just put in the work because it will really pay off,” said Dyland. “If you put in the work and the time, you will get the results.”

For Dylan those results are clear: Every day, in the game, at home or in the classroom, he’s a champion.

Know of a Class Act at your school? Let us know about them!

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