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DALLAS — With a globe hopping journey for music that can strike a chord with any pianist, Kenoly Kadia is our Class Act of the Week.

Kenoly is a senior at David W. Carter High, but he’s had a long journey to get here moving from Cameroon to Italy before finally settling in Dallas.

“It was always a dream of mine, a goal of mine, to come to the US to pursue a better education,” he said.

And a big part of that education has been his work on the piano, but that’s something he says he couldn’t have achieved without the help of his teacher.

“If it wasn’t for my teacher, Mr. John Mark Tatum I wouldn’t be as talented as I am right now,” said Kenoly.

Yeah, when Mr. Tatum found out that Kenoly wanted to be a pianist but didn’t have a piano to practice on, this music teacher swooped in, grabbing one off of Craigslist!

“Some of the guys from my church and I we delivered it on a Saturday morning and when Kenoly saw the piano the expression on his face was just priceless,” recounted Mr. Tatum, the piano teacher at the school.

Kenoly’s put that piano to good work, even composing some of his own pieces.

“I just sit on the piano and imagine something in my mind,” he explained. “If I’m inspired by something then I will just sit on the piano and start improvising.”

Well whether he’s improvising or putting in the hours of grueling practice on the keys, those around him have no doubt that his talent is going to take him far.

“There are a bunch of pianists out there in the world, but he has a certain something,” remarked Tatum. “He has the potential to be great.”

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