Dallas’ ‘Cite and Release’ marijuana program can keep you from going immediately to jail

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DALLAS- Dallas is implementing a 'cite and release' program for marijuana offenders, and we've got the crash course for ya!

If you get caught in the city with 4 or less ounces of pot outside of a school zone, and you don't have other offenses, you aren't going jail...well, at least not immediately.

"The range of punishment for the possession of marijuana is still the same," said Dallas County district attorney Faith Johnson. "The only benefit you get with 'cite and release' is you don't get to go to jail that moment."

Let's be clear, this is not a "Get Out of Jail Free Card."

The citation is a misdemeanor, so you'll still have to go to court to face a fine or potential time in the slammer.

"It is not a speeding ticket; it is still an offense," Johnson said. "It doesn't matter whether you go through the program of 'cite and release' or not, we will prosecute the cases the same."

But don't freak out, if you get caught with the kush, the DA is offering a program called 'The Memo Agreement' to help you avoid time behind bars.

"Go through your classes, go through community counseling, pay your fees, and if you successfully go through our diversion program, with the memo agreement, your case is going to get dismissed, and your record is going to be expunged," Johnson said.

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