CIA employees fired after stealing $3,000 in vending machine snacks


Empty shelf of office vending machine

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Several CIA employees were given the boot after stealing more than $3,000 worth of vending machine snacks.

It’s reported that the employees unplugged cables that connected the machine to FreedomPay, an electronic payment system, that allowed them to use cards that were “unfunded,” giving them free snacks. According to an Office of Inspector General (OIG) report, they stole $3,314.40 worth of snacks.

Once thefts had be noticed more frequently at the machines, the OIG had technicians set up surveillance cameras to catch the suspects in the act.

The amount of snack thieves are unknown, but those identified admitted to their crime and were fired by their contracted employers. The Department of Justice didn’t press charges after the OIG said that “administrative action by the Agency” was appropriate action.

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