Church Sleeps on Roof, Fundraiser to ‘Raise the Roof’

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Church Kids Camp on Their Roof to Raise a New One in Haiti

It’s not your typical camp out. Kids from a local church in Irving aren’t just sleeping under the stars; they’re sleeping with the stars.

Members of the Bear Creek Community Church have been hanging out on the roof – to raise a roof in Haiti.

“We’re going to construct a storage facility for them,” member Michelle Raven said.

“We’re also teaching some of their elementary teachers, and we’re working with some of the youth.”

The church needs about $17,000 to get to Haiti, and they’re hoping their rooftop revenue crusade will generate interest and money.

“We’re very excited about going, but we need help,” Raven explained. “We need people to help us raise the funds to get there.”

So, what’s it like hanging on top of a roof all day and night?

“We’ve been doing all kinds of activities – singing, doing a little bible study and all kinds of things,” Raven said.

Let’s hope no one has a fear of heights! This gives a whole new meaning to “fund-raiser!”



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