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FRISCO, TX– While you’d normally expect to see the Dallas Cowboys pumping iron at The Star in Frisco, Jesus is making a “star” appearance instead.

“It seems odd for sure but it’s really cool. It’s a lot more spiritual, I guess, than you’d think it would be. It’s pretty neat,” event attendee Jim Schelling said.

Prestonwood Baptist Church held it’s first ever ‘Easter at The Star’ service.

“We just got a call from the people at The Star and [they] said ‘we’re going to be having events here’, and of course this is an amazing area with all the restaurants and obviously the Cowboy facility,” Pastor Jack Graham said.

“So we jumped at the opportunity to preach outside, to sing, to worship, and to celebrate Easter for our community”.

And no worship at the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters can be complete without one of the “boys”.

Former quarterback Tony Romo was a the special guest.

“I actually picked up the phone and called my really good friend, Tony Romo; texted him, actually. I asked him to come and share his testimony and talk about Easter, talk about life. So, we’re really glad to have Tony here with us,” Pastor Graham said.

“The good news is for everyone. That’s why I like being out here, literally, on the street; outside. You know Jesus spoke most of his messages outdoors.”

If you’re asking “what would Jesus do?” this Easter, he might just say “How bout dem boys?”