Chipotle Asking Customers to Not Bring Guns In Restaurant

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(DALLAS, Texas)  The organization Open Carry Texas spends most of its time on the weekends protesting laws that require gun owners to keep their weapons concealed.

Alex Clark, one of the organizers for the Dallas County chapter, along with other members of Open Carry, recently caused a national debate when the group walked into a Dallas Chipotle restaurant.

“They had given us permission a few days before to be there,” Clark said. “We went in they smiled and waved and took our orders without any problem.”

When a few pictures ended up on social media, the group Moms Demand Action, spread the word asking people to tweet, and email their opposition to the restaurant.

Clark said he has no hard feelings towards the Tex-Mex fast food chain, but feels they buckled to quickly to public pressure.

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