Chilling New Details in FW Mortuary Investigation

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Fort Worth, TX – A recently released arrest affidavit depicts, in chilling detail, the condition in which seven corpses were discovered at a Fort Worth mortuary. Last week, Fort Worth Police made the gruesome discovery, following complaints of a foul odor emanating from the Johnson Family Mortuary.

“Horrible; very horrible, graphic – no sympathy for the family or anything,” Shynika Whitney tearfully said as she read over the affidavit.

The disturbing details are hard to read; they’re even more upsetting for family members.

“It’s beyond heartless, careless; I just can’t believe some of the stuff that’s in here,” Whitney said. “It’s heartbreaking.”

Whitney’s aunt, Deborah Whitney, was among the bodies police found rotting in a room at the Johnson Family Mortuary. Now, arrest affidavits illustrate a graphic account of the corpses’ conditions.

The document describes two decomposing children; one “was skeletonized” and the other “melted into the container.” Another body was found “in a casket and was infestd with insect activity and was mummified.”

Co-Owner of Mortuary Under Investigation Turns Himself In

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Decaying Bodies Found in Fort Worth Funeral Home

Shocking specifics were detailed of how a body was “draining bodily fluids on the floor.” In all, eight corpses were found. According to the affidavit, only one appeared to have been properly prepared.

Mortuary owner, Rachel Johnson and her husband Dondre, were arrested last week and charged with seven counts of abuse of a corpse. The couple has since posted bond.

A funeral home of horrors – a nightmare for families, like Whitney, who are left to re-live the sorrow of losing their loved ones.

“I have no words to describe. I just hope justice is served.”









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