Chill Pill Drive: School Bus Driver Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT-It’s often said that the road to success is a bumpy one, but students riding on this Utah school bus were in for the ride of their lives when their bus driver started driving erratically down this busy stretch of highway.

Sixty-seven elementary students and seven parents were on a field trip when they noticed the driver wasn’t staying in her lane.

9-1-1 calls came in from motorists and parents riding in the bus.

“I don’t get scared very easily, but my heart is pounding,” said a parent from inside the bus.

Utah State Troopers finally caught up with the bus, the driver, 39-year-old, Lycia Martinez. Inside her purse they found four different types of anti-anxiety and muscle relaxant pills.

She has been arrested under suspicion of DUI. Luckily for Martinez, no one, including her precious cargo was hurt.

The school district says Martinez has had a clean driving record until this point and random drug tests are administered yearly for bus drivers.

We’re hoping this is a lesson learned for all involved.

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