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DALLAS, Texas—It was all downward dog, warrior, and really cute Yoga poses Friday at Robert E. Lee Elementary School.

“I think they did an excellent job, they were very excited,” Marion Wildes, Pre-K PPCD Collaborative Teacher said.

In honor of Yoga Recess Day, folks from North American Spine were hanging out with these kids in child’s pose and a whole lot more.

“We’re going to donate these mats, there’s about 50 of them,” Public Relations Director Jon Sasser with North American Spine said.

That’s right — 50 free mats for the four and five-year-old Pre-K students!

“To have mats they can take home. It’s just amazing,” Wildes said.

“They’re looking for different ways to help their kids grow physically and mentally, because that’s what Yoga teaches,” Sasser mentioned.

In fact, many of these children live with mental and physical challenges everyday.

“It was wonderful because many of these kids probably won’t be exposed to something like this,” Wildes added.

“Our classroom has students with different needs,” Sarah Ilagan, Special Ed Teacher said.  “Any kind of physical activity helps stimulate the brain, hand-eye coordination…”

“We had to introduce the word Yoga mat because they’ve never seen them,” Wildes mentioned.

But hey! Look how fast these guys learned the moves!

Student Alijah Hobbs showed her favorite move, and student Scarlett Garcia shared her favorites, too.

“My favorite part was where we swing our arms and my other favorite part was the video,” Garcia said.

These mini-Yogis learned much more than just Yoga poses.

“Especially for students who may be displaying some issues in muscle development, this greatly helps them,” Ilagan said.

“I know I felt very proud.  I was just grinning from ear to ear,” Wildes smiled.



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