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DALLAS — Looking for Parisian vibes, but not willing to fly to France? Well, there’s Paris, Texas. Or closer to home, there’s Whisk Crepes in Dallas. And it’s safe to say owner Julien Eelsen knows a thing or two about ’em.

“You know in France, I think everybody knows how to make crepes,” Eelsen told NewsFix. “It’s something you grew up with. I learned with my grandma and aunt when I was a little kid.”

And the sweeter – the better.

“I always say the sweet crepes are like a thin French pancake that you can stuff with different sauces, like chocolate or fruit,” Eelsen said.

Or whipped cinnamon cream and cinnamon apple.

Chew on This: Whisk Crepes is one of the only spots in Dallas serving up savory crepes, which can come as shock to most customers.

“They think that crepes are only sweet,” Eelsen told NewsFix. “They don’t know that much about savory crepes. And they don’t know much about the buckwheat batter that we use, which is a very traditional batter for savory crepes in France. I always say it’s like a French quesadilla.”

And you’ve got plenty of options, like the smoked turkey crepe – topped with pesto. And the prosciutto cantaloupe crepe with arugula and parmesan.

“It’s a little bit exotic for them, but it’s also very approachable,” Eelsen said.

And these babies can also work as a comfort mechanism, for those in need of a pick me up. Whether you’re mourning the recent attacks here, or in Nice.

“A big part of my family lives in that city or in the surrounding of Nice, and I think everyone was shocked how one person can create so much mayhem,” Eelsen said. “I think food is a great way for people to come together, share moments, and maybe bring more love in the planet for sure.”

Whether you choose sweet or savory – or both – you just can’t go wrong at Whisk.

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