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DEEP ELLUM – It’s not very common to find fresh green veggies growing in a city like Dallas, especially in the southern sector. Which means most folks rely on purchasing leaves and herbs that were shipped to stores. Well that’s one concept two men are looking to change, with Vertical Life Farms.

“The first question is always ‘What is this?’” Ples Montgomery IV told NewsFix. Montgomery is the co-founder of Vertical Life Farms. “Most people haven’t run into this technology before.”

The technology is called hydroponics, meaning the plants grow with added nutrients – but without soil.

Vertical Life Farms is located in Deep Ellum, but they’re currently using Ann’s Health Food Center & Market as place of business, where people can try – and buy – the freshly growing greens.

“Your basil, your thyme, your rosemary,” Montgomery said. “Your spinach, your arugula, your lettuces, your rainbow chard.”

Chew on This: Because these plants are still alive, your veggies will last longer – giving you more bang for your buck.

“When you take it home with you, it is still living, it is still growing,” Montgomery said. “The way we package it and send it home with you, so instead of having 2-3 days at home to use it at whatever leisure you want to use it at, you now have more like a week and a half to use it.”

And from the tower, to the table, the final product can leave your taste buds wondering ‘Where has this been all my life?’

“The flavor is gonna be much richer, the texture is gonna be much crisper and your nutrient content is going to be much higher,” Montgomery said.

But there’s another level these two are trying to reach with their product.

“To bring produce to neighborhoods that normally never ever had it,” Anthony Whitley said.

Especially when it comes to the kids that live in what co-founder Anthony Whitley describes as a ‘food desert.’

“I asked all em ‘Where is your Whole Foods store?” Whitley said. “And no kid knew what a Whole Foods store is. I’m bringing awareness to what whole food nutrition really is.”

Looks like Vertical Life Farms is taking the veggie game to new heights.