Chew on This: The Frugal Chef Brings Arepa TX to Dallas

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DALLAS – Familiar with the Frugal Chef? Well, Mary Ann Allen is not only serving delicious recipes on her Youtube channel, she's serving up food in the flesh – as the owner and chef of Arepa TX. Newsfix caught up with her at the Dallas location. And of course we had to ask, what the heck is an Arepa?

"Arepas are basically corn cakes if you want,” Allen told Newsfix. "We make the pockets out of corn, so by nature they're gluten free. Arepas are made in Venezuela, Colombia, and Equador, who know that whole area."

Which means it's important for Aprea to offer a bit of tradition.

"When we started this, it was really all fusion, and a lot of Venezuelan people would come over to eat and they would get upset because they wanted something that was authentic,” Allen said. "There's two dishes that we have on the menu now that are authentic Venezuelan; it's a shredded beef, with cheese. It's very good. And chicken salad that's wrapped in avocado."

As for the not-so traditional, there's the vegan Arepa made with jackfruit, and the brisket with the chimichurri sauce, a Texas favorite.

Chew on This: Apera TX even has something special for brunch lovers – the fried chicken and maple arepa with bacon and habanero & butter infused syrup. And you can't forget the champagne!

"We just wanted to have a place where you could come, you could have fun, you could have a meal that's not going to cost you an arm and a leg."

Sounds like a match made in Arepa heaven!

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