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FRISCO – When Dallas native Brad Hawkins left the Lone Star state for Hollywood, he didn’t know what was on the menu.

“I went to LA, had about $300 and a little Honda Accord,” Hawkins told Newsfix. “I went out there and slept on my buddy’s floor and started going to auditions.”

And suddenly, a star was born. From the Power Rangers, to VR Troopers, to the Oscar-nominated film Boyhood, Hawkins has had his fair share of gigs. But after almost 25 years in the entertainment business, he was looking for a fresh start. And what’s fresher than sushi?

“I started focusing on hospitality,” Hawkins said. “All of a sudden, it kicked in that that was another way of entertainment for me.”

Thus, another star was born – Sushi Marquee at The Star in Frisco.

From the décor to the food, everything has a wow factor. With starters like carefully carved out sashimi bowls to specialty rolls like the Big Marquee – topped with salmon, tuna, and yellow tail.

Chew on This: Sushi Marquee is offering the Kissy Suzuki – a lobster tempura roll garnished with lobster tail and dry ice for dramatic effect.

“On our menu, it’s all either characters from 80’s and 90’s movies, or live action films,” Hawkins told Newsfix.

And if you’re not the biggest sushi fan, don’t worry. There’s a hot kitchen that’s dishing out everything from luscious lamb lollipops served with a cilantro lime sauce to the wagyu hot rock.

“Which is gonna come out 600° right out of the oven,” Hawkins said. “It gets put on a piece of wood, and it comes out with butter, and salt and pepper, and 4 oz. of sliced up wagyu filet.”

So, come for sushi, or don’t. Just make sure you come ready for a show!