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DALLAS – Chicken just ain’t chicken, unless it comes from the south – or from the streets. Street’s Fine Chicken, that is. And owner Marco Street and his team are serving a lot of it.

“We really set out with a mission to create a better chicken concept,” Street told NewsFix. “One that not only specializes in chicken, but specializes in doing chicken in more than one way.”

From starters like smoked chicken lollipops, to chicken fried steak, to classic fried chicken. And it’s all soaked beforehand in a French brine for 24 hours.

“It really gives it a subtle unique taste and flavor profile, but the chicken’s always gonna be extremely juicy and full of flavor,” Street said. “The recipes are rooted in our past.”

And it’s safe to say they run pretty deep, like 41 years deep.

Chew on This: Long before Street’s moved in, his building was the original Black-Eyed Pea, founded by Marco’s dad – Gene Street.

“To be able to be back here in the very same building and to be working the very same door that he did in 1975 is extremely special to myself and the rest of the family,’ Street said.

In addition to keeping his family’s building open for business, street pays homage to his alma mater, Booker T. Washington, by letting students display their work on the side of the restaurant.

“I immediately wanted to give back to the school and hire the very talented students that go to school there to come help me conceptualize some great art and put a unique twist on it,’ Street said.

Pretty sweet, Street!!

Fine chicken, and fine arts? Hell yeah cluckin’ right!

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