Chew on This: Stormie Monday’s Soulfood

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FORT WORTH — Let’s be real, sometimes there’s nothing like feeding your soul with some good ol’ home cooking. And one Fort Worth spot is serving up a lot of it. It’s Stormie Monday’s Soulfood.

Stoney Johnson Sr. and his son opened up their souls in Funkytown, dishing out some of their family’s faves.

“My mom has been a cook all of her life,” owner Stoney Johnson said. “And I started it because of her recipes. And I can’t give none of ’em out.”

It’s top secret, folks!

And who came blame him? These dishes are legit. From greens and yams to oxtails and chicken fried chicken. Are you hungry yet?

A place where folks really dig the dishes, but one with an unusual name. Chew on This, the owner named this southern sport after his daughter, Stormie. And he’s got five kids who work here.

“That is one of the greatest blessings there is, to have all five of them doing their thing,” Johnson Sr. said. “What I built it to be is what it has become.”

What it’s become is a family affair that’s outgrown its original space and taken over the entire building.

“It’s something special here,” Johnson Jr. said. “You don’t see this too often. It actually is mind blowing how much you can grow. I never saw any of this coming.”

A restaurant, convenience store and to-go counter? Looks like Stormie Monday’s is serving up a whole lotta sunshine and soul by the spoonful.

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