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DALLAS – BBQ & Texas go together like peanut butter & jelly. And when family’s involved, it makes for a homey atmosphere.

“My dad started Smokey John’s BBQ in 1976, so this is our 40th year,” Brent Reaves said.

Now, Brent Reaves, general manager and part owner of Smokey John’s, and his brother Juan are pretty much running the show.

“It’s absolutely wonderful having your brother as a business partner,” Reaves told Newsfix. “He’s amazing.”

And with family as the focal point, you can imagine plenty of recipes have been passed down. And some of the best came from Reave’s grandmother.

“The sweet potatoes, we make out of East Texas potatoes, was her recipe, as well as her banana pudding, and homemade peach cobbler,” Reaves said.

As far as the meats go, the Reaves brothers are dishing out quality classics — like brisket and ribs.

“All of our ribs and chicken, it’s seasoned and marinated overnight and we slow smoke it for 5-6 hours the next day,” Reaves said. “With our brisket, it takes us 17 hours to smoke it.”

But it’s not all about food at Smokey John’s. They’re also serving their customers a healthy helping of faith.

Chew on This: Every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m., Smokey John’s holds a non-denominational, come as you are, hour-long church service, right in the dining room. A tradition that started with Reave’s father, Mr. Smokey John himself.

“We don’t have a set program, we don’t know who’s gonna speak,” John Reaves said. “All the musicians, they just come wandering in here one day. I didn’t go recruit anybody. People tell other people and they come because they want to experience something like this. We’re not trying to get anybody to join anything, we’re just trying to get people to know what it means to have a relationship with our Creator.”

And whether you’re looking to create fellowship or a plate — or both — we have faith you’ll leave with a full stomach and an even fuller soul.