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PLANO – For Dallas Hale, owning a seafood spot was a no-brainer.

“I love seafood,” Hale told NewsFix. “I love all types of seafood.”

And one thing Hale quickly learned about seafood: Quality is key.

“In the Bering Sea, where we get our snow crab, our king crab, and the Bairdi, there’s different zones,” Hale said. “And we make sure we get the top tier zone. We do not skimp when it comes to the best quality.”

And from sea to table, Shell Shack is serving up everything from shrimp to fried catfish to oysters to crab to crawfish – or is it crayfish?

“Every once in a while, some people call it crayfish,” Hale told Newsfix. “I call it crawfish. You know, tomayto-tomahto.”

As for how to eat ’em…

“There’s really two ways,” Hale said. “Whether you pinch the head off, and then you take off the two top shell parts, pinch the bottom of the tail, and just pull the meat off and take off the membrane. Then, if you’re really hardcore, you’ll suck on the head.”

And all of these crustaceans come with their special sauce.

Chew on This: Shell Shack is the only spot in the entire Lone Star State that’s serving up some sweet Bairdi crab.

“When you taste it, you will realize why all real crabbers say it is the best crab that you could possibly eat,” Hale said.

And seafood haters, there’s something here for you, too. Like the half-pound burger, and the buffalo chicken sandwich – sealed with the Shell Shack logo.

Now, if you can’t get to Plano – don’t worry. There are three other Shell Shack locations across the Metroplex, and two more are coming to Denton and Fort Worth.

So, whether you’re looking for a neat treat – or to get downright messy – Shell Shack is the perfect place to roll up your sleeves and get it crackin’!