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PLANO – By now, we’re well aware that food trends come and go, but it’s safe to say donuts and coffee are here to stay. However, WOW Donuts & Drips in Plano isn’t your average donut shop.
And the science behind its existence stems from a man in medicine.

“Before this, I was over at UTD studying biochemistry,” David Sim told Newsfix. Sim is the general manager of WOW Donuts and Drips. “I do have a passion for medicine, but this opportunity came first.”

Sim’s parents wanted him in on the family business. So, he used it as a chance liven up an industry that he considered to be stale.

“So, what we wanted to do was make it a little bit more fun,” Sim said. “Bring some energy into something that I felt needed to be revived.”

From the berry medley, to the over the rainbow, to the Elvis, to the creme brûlée, there’s something for everyone.

“We control the sweetness level,” Sim said. “We want it to be enjoyed like a pastry rather than something sweet on top of sweet on top of sweet.”

Chew on This: Sim is still able to apply his knowledge of chemistry to help the budding business when it comes to their coffee.

“Different chemicals in water, different trace elements in water, every city’s different,” Sim said. “So, of those trace elements – for better or for worse- bring out flavors in coffees and teas. With that understanding, I was able to pretty much design a filtration system to make the water that is feeding those machines, pretty much perfect.”

Plus, the coffees and teas they sell are from all over the world!

Here’s to donuts and drips, that’ll leave you saying WOW!