Chew on This: Niwa Japanese BBQ brings Wagyu to Deep Ellum

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DALLAS – In Texas, when you think of BBQ, you usually think of a slab of ribs or brisket. Well, one man is looking to change that picture – with Niwa Japanese BBQ in Deep Ellum.

And he came all the way from California to do so.

“When I landed in Dallas, it was kind of a no brainer,” owner Jimmy Niwa told Newsfix. “Everything was here except Yakiniku, or Japanese BBQ.”

Now, many like to compare Japanese BBQ to Korean BBQ, but it’s not quite the same.

“Very similar in concept or grilling style, a little bit different in taste, quality of meat, or cuts of meat,” Niwa said.

For instance, Niwa has a selection of over 15 different meats, one of which is Wagyu beef.

“A5 Waygu is the highest-grade beef in the world right now,” Niwa said.

And that’s because the cows are pretty much pampered.

“They’re bread most of their life to be free, to have a good life,” Niwa told Newsfix. “They drink beer, they’re massaged.”

All of that for the fat.

“The marbling content on this is extremely high so it’s just going to melt like butter,” Niwa said.

And everything is served a la carte.

“I think the beauty of this concept is you can kind of build your own menu,” Niwa said. “You can eat just entirely meats, you can do a meat and a veggie, or you can do a meat and a veggie and a starch.”

Chew on This: Niwa not only has a tasty selection for the grill, they’re serving up some pretty special starters. Like the Hamachi crudo, served with berries and herb oil, deviled eggs, and karaage – a.k.a Japanese fried chicken.

And you can’t forget the drinks.

“We have a Shiso in fused gin,” Niwa said. “We make a cocktail from that. We also have another one, The Rising Sun – which is kind of our take on a Michelada.”

Whether you go to grill, munch, or sip – go to Niwa with an open mind, and leave with a full belly!

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