Chew on This: Ms. Mary’s Southern Kitchen

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CARROLLTON – When it comes to the South, soul food is King, or should we say Queen – because in Carrollton – Ms. Mary’s Southern Kitchen is worthy of the crown. But her journey to the top wasn’t the smoothest.

“By trade I’m an engineer and I got laid off,” owner Mary Davis told Newsfix. “I decided to take my 401K to a bank and presented my business plan and pretty much got a loan in a week.”

As for where she learned how to burn…

“All the men in my family cooked,” Davis said. “My father was a chef in the Airforce.”

And it’s safe to say he taught her well. From pork chops that you can get fried, grilled, or smothered. To the fried chicken, to fried catfish and you can’t leave out the sides.

Chew on This: Ms. Mary’s Southern Kitchen is even a slam dunk with the pros like former NBA star Anthony “Spud” Webb.

“We enjoy the food at Ms. Mary’s,” Webb told Newsfix. “We grew up eating the food from mom and pop’s cooking so this is as close as we can get. I eat meatloaf when I come here and the pork chops.”

If that isn’t sweet enough, maybe Ms. Mary’s treats will do the trick. From the bread pudding – to the fried pies.

“We put the filling in, and then we deep fry it, and then we put the powdered sugar on top like a beignet,” Davis said.

Soul food and sweets? Now that’s enough to leave any stomach happy!

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