Chew on This: Mariposa’s Latin Kitchen

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FORT WORTH – If you’re looking to break out of your cocoon of same ol’ mundane meals, head on over to Mariposa’s Latin Kitchen in Fort Worth.

The owner, Irma Gamez, got her start in her kitchen catering to raise money for mission trips. Her specialty? Hot sauce and tamales, which is now her number one seller.

“We’ve gone from the beef and the pork and the chicken to vegetable, vegetarian tamales,” Gamez said. “Our most popular one right now is the Jalapeno cheddar cheese. I never really had a recipe. I just kind of bought the ingredients and I just kind of figured it out.”

And it doesn’t stop there.

Mariposa’s offers an array of festive, flavorful foods – from mini tacos to enchiladas to ceviche. It’s even one of the few places in the area that serves Cuban rice.

Now, strangely enough, the Dallas Cowboys have a little something to do with Mariposa’s success. Chew on this, Gamez gained instant popularity after catering a Superbowl party back in the 90s which gave her the idea to open her own spot. And that’s just what her and her daughter, Crystal, did. How’s that for a winning move?

As for the name Mariposa’s…

“The Lord just spoke to my heart and said Mariposa’s will be your next name,” Gamez said. “And when I said that all these butterflies just came out of the field.”

And if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, Mariposa’s serves desserts, from cupcakes to cookies – shaped like butterflies, of course.

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