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DALLAS – Looking to feed your seafood fix? Well, Lovers Seafood and Market is serving it as fresh as you can get it. And you have Chef Aaron Staudenmaier to thank, whose background is – well – very fishy.

“I grew up in the lake country of Minnesota, so fish was something that was always around,” Staudenmaier told NewsFix. Staudenmaier is the restaurant’s culinary director. “Fishing was something that was part of daily life. The ocean is an amazing place; it’s been responsible for some of the best memories and the best parts of my life, so I just like to pay tribute to that whenever I can.”

From Crudo, to calamari, to red snapper. And you can’t forget the pot bread!

When it comes to the dessert, Lovers Seafood and Market is paying homage to the late great Elvis.

“A little pâté brisee, which is a basic pie dough,” pastry chef Ty Mahoney said. “It has a layer of coverture chocolate underneath a little bit of piped peanut butter mousse and then some banana pudding.”

And it’s topped with brûléed bananas and whipped cream!

Now, say you wanna be the chef for the day…

“One of the coolest parts about this whole concept is not only is it a fish restaurant, but it’s a fish market — so we can do fun things like grab red snapper that was swimming in the Gulf this morning,” Staudenmaier told NewsFix. “I think it’s important for those home cooks to have access to the same amazing ingredients and the same products that we as chefs get to use every day.”

So whether you’re grubbing inside, or grabbing something to cook for later – Lovers Seafood and Market is your go-to for all things delicious!

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