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OAK CLIFF – On West Jefferson Boulevard in Oak Cliff stands a bakery with a lot a of substance. It’s Kookie Haven – who’s story began in 2002.

“My mom, they called her Ms. Kookie,” Darla McCuen, co-owner of Kookie Haven told Newsfix. “And that’s where Kookie Haven came from. People think it’s because we just do cookies, but it comes from my mom. We started selling cookies out of our home, before it was legal.”

And it paid off. The demand got so high, they opened up a shop in Desoto. But tragedy hit.

“During that time my mom passed, sister passed, my dad passed, so there was a lot of death going on,” McCuen said. “And we ended up closing down for ten years.”

But that didn’t stop McCuen and her sisters.

“And we thought, you know what? We’re gonna do what we know,” McCuen said. “And we say we know dough.”

Now Kookie Haven is back and better than ever.

“We think we have the best desserts in the United States of America,” co-owner Shinita Briggs told Newsfix.

From the brownies….

“If you love chocolate, it’s amazing. It’s like this rich, deep, chocolatey. It makes you feel good,” co-owner Kim Haynes said.

To the cupcakes. To something no one else in the metroplex is doing: The Stuffer – which is a cookie and a cupcake baked together.

“So, we can stuff pretty much any cake inside of a cookie and create this great combination of desserts,” McCuen explained. “And we’ve had people say that they’ve never experienced anything to their taste buds like that.”

“When people come through our door, they say ‘I feel like I came home,” Briggs said. “And when they start chewing if they say it reminds me of grandma, or an aunt, we go ‘got it.’ That’s when we know we did something right.”

And when asked what Ms. Kookie is probably thinking as she looks down at her girls carrying on a legacy…

“My mom would be so proud to see that we’ve taken her basic ingredients, and made it into something special,” McCuen said.

There’s nothing sweeter than that.