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OAK CLIFF – It’s summer, it’s hot, and naturally, folks are screaming for ice cream. But one woman is serving up hers – with a kick. It’s Ice Cream Wasted, a pop-up concept in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District, created by a chemist whose desire to remain at her 9 to 5 was melting away.

“It wasn’t because of the chemistry work, it’s because I felt like I was confined in a four wall building with no windows because you know, dealing with chemicals you have no sunlight,” Brigid Calloway told NewsFix. Calloway is the owner of Ice Cream Wasted. “I just don’t have the personality for that.”

But the love for food was always there…

“I love anything that’s food,” Calloway said. I don’t care I will eat it. I’ll try it once.”

So she’s mixing her talents – and passion – and creating alcohol-infused ice cream. And trust me, if you eat enough, there’s a possibility you truly can get wasted. With options like the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Push Pops, Orange Sherbet infused with Bacardi 151 and Texas vodka, and the Black Cherry Truffle.

“I like changing up the menus to different themes and styles,” Calloway said. “So, like this month, we have Summer Soiree.”

Chew on This: Ice Cream Wasted is friendly for folks who are lactose intolerant and vegan.

“I definitely knew I wanted to be dairy-free, egg-free,” Calloway said. “I didn’t want to filter my money. I wanted to be able to reach everybody.”

If you’re interested in visiting Ice Cream Wasted, each event is by reservation only, so click here.

And you’ll soon realize the only thing that’s better than sweet ice cream is a sweet experience to go along with it.

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