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DALLAS - If you’re looking for a breakfast that will leave you in a psychedelic trance, you need to boogie on down to Hypnotic Donuts.

This funky spot came about three years ago, when the owner said “ta-ta” to the corporate rat race – and hello to delectable donuts that are, well, different.

"He didn't want to make the same donuts as everybody else,” Joshua Griffin said. Griffin is the Donut General at Hypnotic Donuts. “So he started coming up with more creative ideas."

Oh, and creative doesn’t come close to describing these creations.

From the Canadian Healthcare... "It's a maple frosted long-john with bacon and maple syrup,” Griffin said.

To the Evil Elvis... "It's peanut butter, bacon, bananas and honey all on top of a glazed donut."

Now we can only wonder where these crazy ideas come from.

"There are a lot of employees that come up with them you know? Sometimes it's a customer, sometimes it's an employee,” Griffin said.

Looks like folks are thinking outside the uhh, hole.

And it doesn’t stop at these sweet treats. Chew on this, Hypnotic Donuts serves chicken biscuits too!

"We have six different varieties on the menu,” Griffin said. “One of em’ is served on a glazed donut. The other five are served on biscuits."

Like the “Kaye”, with whipped cream cheese, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese. If that doesn’t lure you in, don’t know what will!

"We get customers from all over,” Griffin said. “All over Texas, all over America. We've even had some international customers."

From the looks of these donuts, it’s worth every mile.

Think you can get “hyp” to that?

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