Chew on This: Ellen’s Southern Kitchen

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DALLAS – Who doesn’t love some down home cookin? Hey, you better raise your hand, you live in Texas.
Well one West End eatery is pulling out all the stops when it comes to classic country cooking. This is Ellen’s Southern Kitchen.

“Ellen is my mother,” Joe Groves said. Groves is the General Manager and partner at Ellen’s. “And I tell people we that we named it for her, hoping to inspire her to learn how to cook. And it hasn’t worked so far.”

Hey, why learn to cook when Joe and his crew are servin’ up some good ole Southern dishes all through the day?

From eggs benedict, to panny-cakes and French toast …

“I always get the breakfast, “customer Kristine Baker said. “Every once in a while I get the chicken sandwich but it’s mostly the breakfast.”

To friend chicken, and chicken pot pie.

“I got fried okra, green beans and meatloaf,” customer Lon Loveless said.

And chew on this, Ellen’s Southern Kitchen serves breakfast from the time the doors open, til’ the time they close.

“If we’re gonna have breakfast items, the kitchen has all the ingredients, why do we cut it off at a certain time?” Groves asks.

Makes sense to me! Shrimp and grits please!

Well, next time you’re in the mood for some southern comfort, you may wanna head west –to West End that is – and pull up a chair at Ellen’s.

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