Chew on This: Chef Tiffany Derry Brings her Roots to Legacy Hall

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PLANO – It’s the question that no one seems to know the answer to: ‘Where do you want to go to eat?’ Well, fear no more, because Legacy Hall in Plano is here to end the back and forth once and for all.

The three-story building features over 20 different eateries. One of which belongs to celebrity Chef Tiffany Derry, a Texas OG who’s known for her duck fat fried chicken. And that’s just what’s she’s bringing with Roots Chicken Shak.

“Roots, for me, is about going back to your roots — the food we ate,” Chef Derry told Newsfix. “I don’t care who you are, most people love fried chicken.”

And people will wait however long they think necessary to sink their teeth into those famous wings.

“I came for the Roots Chicken, because I heard that her fried chicken is bomb and I followed her on Bravo and all the other segments that she’s done, and I absolutely love chicken,” Tiara Tyree said.

Another favorite is the duck fat fired spicy chicken sandwich, served with kimchi mayo.

Chew on This: The chicken isn’t the only thing being fried in duck fat. Derry’s using it for the fries, too!

“Everything is. Roots Chicken Shak is fried in duck fat,” Chef Derry said.

Derry says this is just the beginning for Roots.

“We are going to do other Roots. I’m still going to do Roots Southern Table.”

For now, you can catch her and the rest of the great spots,at Legacy Hall.

“Anything you want from the duck fat fried chicken, to tacos, to burgers with John Tesar,” Chef Derry told Newsfix. “It’s unlike anything else in Texas.”

Just make sure you come hungry!

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