Chew on This: Café Intermezzo is the perfect place to unwind and dine

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PLANO – When you think of a restaurant to go to for coffee, breakfast, dinner, pastries, and cocktails – it’s likely just one place doesn’t come to mind. Well, an Atlanta-based spot is looking to change that with Cafe Intermezzo located in Plano’s Shops at Legacy. And this restaurant’s legacy began decades ago.

“Our owner Bryan Olsen was importing espresso machines in the United States when people in America didn’t know what espresso was back in the late 60’s and early 70’s,” Jay Clarke told Newsfix. Clarke is the regional manager of Café Intermezzo. “His love of coffee, his love of espresso, and doing things in an authentic way lend itself perfectly to this environment — Cafe Intermezzo. Cafe Intermezzo is meant to be, in an opera piece, the intermission. So, we’re that break where you can call a timeout from the hectic pace of life.”

And there’s no better way to relax, than with food. For starters, Cafe Intermezzo is offering fresh bruschetta – with tomato, onion, basil and garlic topped with balsamic. If you’re looking for something that’ll hold you a little longer – and you aren’t afraid of a little heat – the spicy tortellini is a must-have.

“The spicy tortellini is kind of a special dish for us because the owner, Brian Olsen, is wife made it for him when she was capturing his heart,” Clarke said.

Cafe Intermezzo is also serving breakfast all day. So, items like crepes are up for grabs at any time!

Chew on This: If you have a sweet tooth, don’t ask for a dessert menu – just ask for the pastry tour.

“We have about 50 different pastries that we like to rotate between,” Marissa Paquette told Newsfix. “We keep about 20 of them in the case at a time. This is our number one seller, the Oreo cheesecake. It’s a traditional creamy white cheesecake on an Oreo crust, stuffed with Oreos and topped with more Oreos.”

There you have it. If you’re looking for food, feels, and the sweetest of treats – treat yourself to Cafe Intermezzo.

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