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DALLAS – When you think of a bowling alley, you usually don’t associate it with gourmet food. But maybe you should, especially when it comes to Bowl and Barrel in Dallas.

The three-year-old, one-stop shop for food and fun was created by two college buddies turned business partners.

“My partner’s a good bowler. I’m probably America’s worst bowler, but I like to have fun,” owner Kyle Noonan said. “We kind of blended our two desires together to create Bowl and Barrel.”

How’s that for a lucky strike?

“I think the consumer, in general, is probably tired of old stale bowling alley with, ya know? Sticky floors and cold nacho cheese,” Noonan said.

So, what are folks snacking on between knocking down pins? The giant pretzel is a fan favorite and it’s served with a side of Texas fondue.

Another hit? The quail wings.

“We didn’t want chicken wings, just cause that’s not that exciting,” Noonan said. “Quail tastes like chicken, just better.”

And it ain’t a bowling alley without dogs, right? Well, check out this trio.

Chew on This, Bowl and Barrel is the only alley in the Metroplex serving up barrel aged cocktails, along with beer and wine by the barrel — hence the name.

Now, if you’re looking for lighter options, they’ve got specialty salads like the shrimp and avocado.

And if you have any spare room, the butterscotch pie with sweet vanilla cream, sea salt caramel, and gingersnap crumbles is a must try.

Whether you’re there to bowl — or grab a bite – it’s safe to say you’ll *score!*

“I want people to come into Bowl and Barrel and just think back on that experience and go ‘I had a fantastic time,’” Noonan said.