Chew on This: Amazeballz Cake Balls

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PLANO – If you’re in the mood for an amazing bite-sized treat, roll on over to Amazeballz Cake Balls in Plano.

So why did owner Jaime Wiggins start making these sweet little spheres?

“I love sweets. So when I first heard about cake balls, I decided I was gonna try and make them,” Owner Jaime Wiggins said. “I made them for my husband so that we could have something after dinner, then I would bring the rest to my office.”

And that’s when the buzz started.

“It was two Thanksgivings ago, that one of my co-workers asked if she could pay me to make them,” Wiggins said. “The rest of the office heard about it and I had 25-dozen in orders.”

And she’s been rolling ever since.

Amazeballz offers some pretty fab flavors, from peanut butter brownie, to carrot cake. And even more elaborate combos, like s’mores and chocolate maple bacon.

Chew on this, Amazeballz is the only place in the Metroplex that serves BoozeballZ; we’re talking cake balls with alcohol.

“They’re not gonna get you drunk,” Wiggins said. “You can definitely smell it, you can taste it a little bit. And it’s more for the fun of it.”

So what does Wiggins think made her store an overnight success.

“Luck, because I’m not a baker. I mean, this was an accident,” Wiggins said.

An amazing accident, indeed!

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