Cheering for Tears: Crying Babies Land JetBlue Passengers Free Flight

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NEW YORK -- Babies crying on planes, we've all been there, secretly wishing it would just end and wondering why in the world we're being punished.

But you aren't the only one in misery. Parents are suffering too. Parents feel the glares when they walk onto the plane. Passengers hoping, even praying that they don’t get seated next to the mom with the terrible toddler.

That all changed on one particular flight. JetBlue decided to flip the script on traveling with babies! They rewarded passengers with a 25% discount every time a baby cried! That means, if four babies cried, everyone on board got a free round trip flight!

Pretty soon, the passengers were cheering and celebrating each time a baby cried.

While we can’t guarantee this will be happening on many future JetBlue flights, we can guarantee the passengers on flight 213 were crying happy tears all the way home.

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